Bibliotherapy Prescription


Bespoke bibliotherapy prescription with personalised e-certificate. A fun way to support our fantastic 20th century-lovin’ magazine.



Bespoke bibliotherapy prescription by Madame Bruttipedi. This is a fun way for you to support our 20th century-lovin’ magazine. Once your order is received, Madame will invite you to email her. Then, simply email Madame with your dilemma and sit back and wait for your tailored prescription of books and/or poetry that will help you resolve your problem. You will also receive a personalised digital e-certificate to print at home.

(Disclaimer: Madame Bruttipedi is a fictional character and not to be used for therapeutic purposes. The bibliotherapy prescriptions are merely intended as a humorous way to generate funds for the magazine. Please do not purchase if you require professional support or advice).



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