We will be on our hols 21st – 26th July, so any expedited responses paid for in this time period will be dealt with on 26th/27th**

Submission Guidelines

Power Cut accepts poetry, short fiction, essays & reviews, and visual art that is set in, or embraces the ethos of the 20th century. Pieces that are ‘timeless’ but capture the spirit of this era are also encouraged. We welcome submissions from all would-be contributors but please note; only work meeting this criteria will be considered.

Fiction & Non-Fiction – maximum 1 piece of up to 3000 words

Flash – maximum 3 pieces of up to 1000 words each

Poetry  – maximum 5 poems, up to 30 lines each. Please bear in mind that we may be limited in the formatting we can reproduce

Artwork – illustrations and photographs must be available in high-res suitable for printing to A4 (minimum 300dpi). Maximum x 3

  1. Submissions should be attached as a Word (.doc or .docx) document in a legible font size 12. Double line spacing is preferable for fiction and nonfiction. Please indicate in the email heading if it is fiction, poetry, non-fiction, etc. Word count should be included
  2. We prefer single speech marks
  3.  Include a short third-person bio (50 words) and any social media tags. If you wish to remain anonymous, that’s ok too
  4. Please only submit previously unpublished work, i.e. nothing that has appeared in print or online (including on a personal website or social media)
  5. Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please do make sure to let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere
  6. Expedited submissions are available for £4. You will receive a decision within 72 hours. Expedited submissions do not influence acceptance decisions. [Please indicate on order your name and title of the piece]
  7. On principle, Power Cut does not and will not charge submission fees. However, if you catch the Power Cut bug and would like to support us, please purchase a magazine or buy us a cup of Joe
  8. At the moment we are unable to pay for the material we publish. We hope that as we grow this can be addressed. All contributors will, however, receive one complimentary copy of the magazine
  9. We will not knowingly publish AI-generated writing, and we request that this is not submitted to us
  10. Copyright remains with all our contributors. All we ask for is exclusivity for six months from the date of publication
  11.  If you have contributed to us, please hold off from submitting again for two issues (i.e one year). This keeps the magazine fresh and opens up the opportunity to other writers and artists.

Please send your best work to:



We aim to get back to you within 4 weeks after submissions close, however, if you haven’t heard anything in 3 months, please contact us.

If you enjoy Power Cut enough to submit, and if you have the financial means to do so, please consider purchasing a physical copy, this ensures we are able to continue supporting authors get their work out there.

Submissions close 16th August 2024 11:59 GMT

Editor’s decision is final, and we cannot provide feedback.