There are lots of exciting ways to support us.

Madame Bruttipedi’s bespoke bibliotherapy prescription

When you purchase a bibliotherapy (book therapy) prescription from Madame Bruttipedi, not only will you receive reading recommendations from Madame’s vast library and a personalised e-certificate – you will also be supporting us in a fun and unique way.

Our Power Cut Ko-fi is always open for donations to help with maintenance costs. 

With your help, we will be able to keep going and plan future power cuts! Click on the image below if you’d like to buy us a coffee. This allows you to be in control of how much or how little you would like to tip/donate.



It Isn’t All About The Benjamins!



Support is about so much more than parting with cold hard cash. Here at Power Cut, we appreciate everything you do – a kind word, a retweet (re-X?), a positive review, engaging with us and joining the conversation. 

Here are some other ways to support us:

Recommend us to your local bookstore/record shop/vintage emporium – make sure and tell them how good Power Cut is. It would be criminal for their other customers to miss out. We are always looking for new stockists.

Guerrilla reading – post a photo of where you like to read Power Cut. Obscure settings and locations encouraged!

Share our posts – use the power of your social media to reach as many potential Power Cutters as possible.

Provide a review on your platform – ‘Amazing mag!’ will do the trick, but if you can share a link to us, even better.

Any other imaginative or oddball ways you can think of to get the word out -we’d love to hear about them.